“DENETH” clothes are unique and made for the modern day global nomads, at home in all cultures, comfortable with all people and all level of society, without prejudice, meditative, philosophical and spiritual, but also laid back and easy- going.

Is to  offer quality, colourful, creative, conscious, aspirational, responsibly made clothing to the people who are determine to bring about the change and spread the message through artfully designed and carefully hand crafted piece of art for peace, love and freedom.

What People Say

Important dimension is culture and its development. Deneth’s works which is preserving and safe guarding intangible culture as well as developing economic structure in the rural areas. This is exactly what we are trying to do in UNESCO. She gives us a simple message ,Traditional value plus community bring us great future.

Mr. Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture 2013

Deneth is revitalizing and sustaining the intangible cultural heritage of cheetha textile and design. She creates fashion & trends utilizing elements of her culture with a keen awareness of supporting her local community. Deneth is the first Sri Lankan designer who brought ‘Cheetha’ rural wear to international platforms around the world.

H.E Sri Lankan Ambassadorprofessor Karunaratne Hangawatte 2013

Mode et développement et savoir-faire avec expérience de deneth

Mrs. Isabelle Quéhé
Director UNIVERSAL LOVE et founder of Ethical fashion show Paris 2013