My home, The Shrubbery and Parents Sarojini and Mune

DENETH flower power creations began from my home, Kurunegala, where I was born and brought up. Its a small town situated 94km from capital Colombo, Sri Lanka. Kurunegala is Capital city for North Western Province. The town itself is a busy commercial and a transport hub. Located at an altitude of 116 meters above sea level and surrounded by coconut plantations and rubber estates.There are eight very noticeable large rocks that encircle and dominate the city. Kurunegala’s rocks rise from the plain below and have characteristic names, six of which come from the animals that imagined to represent. The largest among them is Etagala or the “Elephant Rock” , reaches 325 meters. The shape of Ethagala resembles an Elephant.


Main seamstress Kurunegala

Gamini Wijesooriya

W.A. Gamini Wijesooriya is the main seamstress in Kurunegala. He is a boy schools uniform maker in a small town. DENETH first three men and women collections was done by Gamini himself from the pattern making to the final pieces. Currently he is focusing only on DENETH men’s collections.


Main seamstress Battaramulla

Lalana is a wedding saree seamstress. She has joined DENETH brand since 2013 as the main pattern maker and seamstress for Women collection. She is responsible in making sample and the run away collections every year.

Assistant Seamstress

Assistant Seamstress Kurunegala Kumari

Kumari is working as the assistant seamstress in Kurunegala. She is in charge of making the recycled textile accessories according the provided designs.