Originated from the beautiful Sri Lankan rock-mounted city of Kurunegala – located at 94km of the capital city of Colombo, Deneth Piumakshi Weda Arachchige, born in 1980, has given way to her free-spirit through her non-traditional art in very interesting manners.

She claims to be a gypsy-soul; not feeling home anywhere in particular, but everywhere she decides to stop for a while, to smell the roses. The world is her canvas, and the most evidence of the same is the creation of her own label “DENETH” & production house; “Flower Power Production”. Prior to the birth of this new baby to her family of renowned artists of the last generations, Deneth travelled to many countries for many years, among in Asia are India, Bhutan and Nepal as well as USA, Spain, Italy and France were her most prominent experiences.

She also often recalls her childhood during which she would observe her mum sawing dresses for her and her sister, using ‘cheetha’ material; fabric design specific to Sri Lanka. This amalgamation of origins, traditions, and travel effervescence has resulted in the work that could be found at the “DENETH SRI LANKA”. She learned to understand the customs and traditions of other cultures, and this is what we see through her work today.

Her message is simple; love life and walk through it with a smile. This is what she does best and she is a lesson for us all. Art is the mean of expression that she has chosen, and she chose right! May it be through her vibrant paintings, her Art- fashion wear or her eccentric fashion accessories, her passion for life is what beams out of her work! in her words a fashion brand that spread the message ‘Peace, Love and Freedom’.

Deneth currently live and work in France as a contemporary artist.